1. The most representative dermatological moisturizing cream
    – Moisturizing cream with non-stop moisture
    – A moisturizing cream that replenishes moisturizing factor every day with Filagrin
    – tight moisture cream without any gaps
    The moisturizing cream with 5 hyaluronic acid to tighten the moisturizing factor
  2. Patented prescription for skin soothing & relieving
    by containing Lepidium Meyenii Extract, and Asparagus Cochinchinensis Extract
  3. Skin-friendly formula close to skin composition
    Ceramide: Cholesterol: Free fatty acid = 3:1:1
  4. 20 warning components are excluded (by HWAHAE) / EWG Green grade


Filagrin TM BARRIER CREAM_for dry sensitive
Deep moisturizing core cream!
A complete moisturizing line that keeps you moisturized, doesnt’ run out, and doesnt leak.


 How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the face evenly, then tap and absorb.