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    Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion 120ml

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    Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion_120ml

    Deeply brewed fresh Green Tea from Boseong,
    the home of Green Tea
    A cup of Green Tea for your skin!

    Fresh Moisturization / Skin Protecting / Vitalizing
    Soothing / Mild formula / Oil-water balance

    1. Deep Boseong Green Tea Ingredients
    Pure lotion that contains over 50% of fresh Green Tea from Boseong
    and Deep EG-Green Tea(Green Tea Leaf, Root&Seed Complex).

    Green Tea contains nourishing ingredients such as polyphenols, vitamins,
    beta-carotene, minerals, and amino acids. Green tea, which has been
    highlighted in food and beauty ingredients, leaves skin clean with a cooling effect.
    It controls oil-water balance and helps keep skin firm and revitalized.


    2. Fresh Moisturization
    It has a fresh and moisture texture, melting into the skin without leaving
    any white residue. It leaves skin moisturized with a pleasant feeling.


    3. Skin Health Care
    Deeply brewed Green Tea ingredients, Centella Asiatica Extract,
    Houttuynia Cordata extract and other botanical ingredients
    help rough and dull skin becomes healthy and revitalized.


    4. Dermatologically tested mildly acidic lotion
    Using the mildly acidic gentle lotion on
    your sensitive skin allows burdenless skincare.

    The lotion has a mildly acidic pH level which is
    the same when the skin is at its healthiest state.


    5. Healthy Recipe without Harmful Ingredients
    Free of fragrance, colorant, volatile alcohol, PEGs, and
    other controversial ingredients. It is formulated with rich
    botanical ingredients, reducing the burden on the skin.



    Benton Deep Green Tea Cooling Effect Test



    Consistency: Moist lotion which melts into the skin
    Texture: Soft and smooth without stickiness
    Scent: Unscented (Only the scent of the ingredients / Fragrance-Free)
    Color: white (Colorant Free)