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SNP Bird's Nest Water Sleeping Pack 20pcs / 4ml




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SNP Bird's Nest Water Sleeping Pack_4 ml

Bird's Nest
The seabird Swiftlet mixes the seaweed and its own saliva to build own nest near a precipice. This nest is rich in protein and polisaccharide and very well known for its edibility and beauty treatments. It has an effective skin barrier protection for its sialic acin component.

Reasons why we have to nourish our skin with night care products!
1. Important to nourish skin during the night
2. Our skin is the most active during the night, when we are sleeping. The night is when the skin "recharges."
3. Our skin is at work when we are sleeping to recharge and regenerate.
4. This recharging process can slow down as time goes.


1. The Bird's Nest Water has a 1000-year history of restoring the skin of the reyal family members. The golden age of beauty rejuvenates and clears the skin
The bird's nest contains 200 times more sialic acid than royal jelly. It has excellent moisturizing effect that keeps skin moist.

2. Having Gylcerin as one of the ingredients will moisturize even the driest skin
Glycerin, a representation moistuizing ingredient known to skin specialists, provides moisture to the skin and prevents moisture from evaporating.

3. Watery Gel Matrix Structure
A watery gel matrix structure that tightly holds moisture components to stabilize, helps to improve moisture retention by creating a thin moisturizing layer to the skin

4. Individual packaging sanitary for every day use!
The individual packaging helps increase sanitation and reduce contamination. One per day


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