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    SNP Prep Vitaronic Ampoule Mask 25ml



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    1. Golden combination with power vita energy and hyaluronic acid - Green Trifoliate orange fruit that is immature and young and 3 layers of hyaluronic acid provide powerful vita energy to hide blemish by absorbing deep into the skin and awake hidden brightness of the skin.

    2. One-day concentrating Vitamin mask pack - Young trifoliate orange fruit that has a great effect on anti-oxidation and skin brightening agent meets mask sheet that has excellent adherence on the skin for full absorption of essence to provide mild but powerful brightening care.

    3. Smoothly adhere to skin for transparent skin - Transparent sheet that fully contains Vitamin essence fits o the skin evenly to make a bright and transparent skin tone.

    ?How to use

    1. After cleansing, wipe the skin gently with toner. 2. Taking out the mask and putting the sheet onto the face and adhere to the skin evenly. 3. After 10-20 mins, taking off the mask and gently tap the residue of essence remaining on the skin.


    Vitality Energy that glows beautifully

    More powerful blemish care by young trifoliate orange fruit and hyaluronic acid #Vitamin Transparent #Care for Skin Basis #Goodbye Blemish #Fills Vitality Energy    

    VITA RONIC SKINCARE LINE VITA(Vitamin) + RONIC(Hyaluronic acid) = Power Vita Ingredient # Brightening & Power Moisturizing!

    1. Fresh Vita Energy, Young trifoliate orange fruit - Green trifoliate orange fruit extract that retains its fresh young vitality and helps skin brightening.

    2. 3 Layer hyaluronic acid - High-molecular hyaluronic acid prevents skin moisture loss. - Small molecule hyaluronic acid maintains cell's flexibility and elasticity.

    3. Skin brightening vitality UP! Vita Synergy raw material - Vitamin C: makes dull skin to be brightened - Vitamin B5: makes your skin moisturized and healthy - Vita-Complex: Plant complex containing Camu Camu extract, Hippophae Rhamoides extract has full of vitamins to deliver a brightening synergy effect.