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    Goodal Apple Aha Clearing Pad 160ml / 70pads

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    Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Pad_70pads

    With one sheet of apple every morning, Smooth out dead skin cells and pores


    1. Apologize to rough skin! Sour apple ' Hongok(Malus Domestica apple fruit extract)'

    Hongok is an apple species with high acidity and is rich in AHA,
    so it helps tidy up untidy skin conditions caused by dead skin cells and impurities.


    2. Gentle peeling that keeps the skin's protective film!

    Wipe off only unnecessary dead skin cells!
    Moisturizing Malus Domestica apple fruit extract and AHA substances provide smooth,
    moisturized skin by gently tidying up dead skin cells and impurities without damage.


    3. Light but deep light but rich skin-caring

    Light but rich skin-caring effect with CutiBiome calming down the skin stress and REAL COLLAGEN COMPLEX* 53%
    *REAL COLLAGEN COMPLEX: Collagen extract, Bifida ferment lysate



    HOW TO USE: 

    After washing the face, wipe the entire face, clean except the skin around the eyes with the product,
    to remove dead skin cells and impurities.

    + Use it on any sensitive area!  
    + Use it on any sensitive area! From the face to the body.
    Because the product has a larger pad compared to general cotton pads,
    it can be used for various areas, from the face to the body.