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    Lapothicell A.C. Daily Calming Calamine Cleanser 150ml

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    LAPOTHICELL A.C. Daily Calming Calamine Cleanser_150ml

    High content of calamine in the pink stringy jelly type cleanser treats sebum as iron oxide, the key ingredient of calamine helps soothe skin


    1. From stringy gel to soft bubbles!
    * The kaolin clay included in calamine absorbs sebum and helps improve skin texture * Iron oxide in calamine helps soothe skin * A subacidic cleanser changes from stringy gel to a soft and fine lather * Moist Calm and blue chamomile extract leave skin moisturized after face washing, increasing the skin-soothing effect.


    2. A high content of calamine at 5,000ppm
    A.C. Daily Calming Calamine Cleanser is a pink jelly type cleanser made with a high content of calamine at 5,000ppm. Iron oxide, the key ingredients of calamine, helps soothe skin, while Moist Calm and blue chamomile-extract in this highly moisturizing and subacidic cleanser leaves the skin moisturized without tightening after face washing.


    3. A.C. Daily Calming Calamine Cleanser
    * High detergency: effectively remove wastes and sebum in the skin
    * A high content of calamine: The formula contains 5,000ppm of calamine
    * Improved skin texture: Kaoline can help soften skin texture
    * Skin soothing effects: Iron oxide can help soothe skin


    4. Contains Moist Calm and Blue Chamomile extract Increase moisturizing and soothing effect!
    *Moist Calm: composed of chia seed, houttuynia, and Centella Asiatica extract
    * Blue chamomile extract: known to treat excessive sebum, help moisturize and soothe skin



    1. When skin feels sensitive and in need of a hypoallergenic cleanser
    2. When skin is in need of soothing
    3. When skin looks oily even after washing due to excessive sebum
    4. When skin is in need of a moisturizing wash without inner tightening