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    Lapothicell Multiplication Mask 27ml

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    LAPOTHICELL Multiplication Mask (5 sheets)

    Multiply elasticity + Smooth elasticity Double up!

    <Main Ingredients>
    * Skin tightened
    Full of vitamin A, nutrients, and wheat protein to soothe, tighten, and boost your skin. Skin protection

    * Avocado protein
    Natural avocado peptide: protects and improves skin from harmful external environments Boosting synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin: enhance moisturizing and plumping of the skin

    * Coconut palm tree
    Antioxidant action and balance the pH of the skin

    * Biomimetic Water [Milk lipids, theanine, glutathione]
    (Total solution of minerals, amino acids, peptides, proteins, and phospholipids (Whitening, nourishing, moisturizing))

    1. Smooth Elasticity Double up
    Rich nutrition in seaweed and wheat protein components makes the skin texture smooth and firm!


    2. Smooth skin
    Containing coconut palm, it moisturizes dry skin and balances oil and moisture to keep skin smooth.


    3. Bio-Cellulose sheet
    Coconut jelly bio-cellulose sheet naturally high-adhension lowers skin temperature and delivers all of the essence ingredients to the skin


    4. Different mask sheets depending on the function!

    Plus Mask: Microfiber Sheet High adhesion sheet: covers even fine lines and pores Silky and soft textured sheet: good for sensitive skin

    Minus, Multiply Mask: Bio-cellulose sheet High adhesion sheet: covers even fine lines and pores Skin tightening effect Skin-friendly sheet cooling effect that lowers the skin temperature