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    Lapothicell Plus Mask 27ml

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    LAPOTHICELL Plus Mask (5 sheets)

    Adding Moisture and Nutrition to your fatigued skin + Rich Moisture from deep within


    <Main Ingredients>
    * Safflower Seed Oil
    Rich in nutrients, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid which are effective to skincare Protects the skin from damage Prevents skin dryness by blocking the evaporation of hydration

    Patent ingredient Natural moisturizing ingredient(Betula alba/Fagus sylvatica) moisturizer component that combines glucoside and xylitol. Moisturizing ingredient derived from sugar, which has an effect of increasing skin moisture retention and reducing skin moisture loss.


    1. Moisture from skin deep
    Contains Aquaxyl, a moisturizer derived from nature!
    The product will leave your skin full of moisture!


    2. Moisture that won't dry out
    The vitamin E substance and moisture maintenance functions of safflower seed oil will leave your skin moisturized and soft for a prolonged time!


    3. The Ultrafine Sheet attaches to the face so well!
    Adheres to the curve of the face,
    providing the while face with moisture and nutrition!


    4. Different mask sheets depending on the function!

    Plus Mask: Microfiber Sheet High adhesion sheet: covers even fine lines and pores Silky and soft textured sheet: good for sensitive skin

    Minus, Multiply Mask: Bio-cellulose sheet High adhesion sheet: covers even fine lines and pores Skin tightening effect Skin-friendly sheet cooling effect that lowers the skin temperature