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    SNP Gold Collagen Needle Patch 4pcs



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    SNP Gold Collagen Needle Patch_4pouches

    "Gold Collagen Needle Patch" A nutritional solution that delivers 88.5% of active ingredients when applied to the skin.

    #Elasticitypatch #Nutritionpatch #Intensivecarepatch


    1. Safe and intensive Care on the desired skin area with soft microneedles A needle patch that helps to care for the skin comfortably and safely. Microneedles with a fine size smaller than the skin pore size gently adhere to the skin while delivering nutrients without pain.


    2. Delivering 88.5% active ingredients into the skin inside Hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor, passes through the skin epidermis and infiltrate deep into the skin, creating a deep moisture barrier to make the skin moist and flawless. The dual nutrient ingredients of gold and water-soluble collagen penetrate deep into the skin, making the skin more firm with full of vitality


    3. Triple perfect patch structure of Firmness, Rigidity, and Uniformity The uniformity of about 1,400 microneedles smaller than the pore size and the fine needles with a height of 250increase the skin transmittance, delivering the active ingredients deep into the skin with a stable pyramid structure.


    HOW TO USE:  1. After cleansing, lightly absorb toner to arrange the skin texture. 2. Take out the patch from the transparent container in the pouch. 3. Remove protective tape on the front and transparent tape on the back of the patch 4. Attaching it to the desired area, press firmly in the vertical direction to adhere closely. 5. At least 30 minutes later, detaching it slowly.