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SNP Prep Cicaronic Toning Essence 220ml



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1. Cicaronic Complex Harmony of representative soothing ingredient Cica Trio and representative of moisture ingredient 3 layers of Hyaluronic Acid are combined together to create SDs exclusive ingredients, CICA RONIC! It helps to bring restoration to your skin.


2. Locking Toner by Preventing Moisture Loss It regains moisture to tired and damaged skin and provides energy to recover at the first step of your skin care routine


3. Hypoallergenic Mild Formula Hypoallergenic mild water formula that completed test for skin irritation for sensitive skin It contains skin-friendly ingredients to minimize the stress and keep skin clear and translucent

How to use

Take an appropriate amount onto the palm of your hands or cotton pads and absorb it onto entire face  

Distinctive calming effect toner #True-recovery-toner A drop of Calming to restore your sensitive skin #Calming Representative #Cica Trio #Power 3 Layer Hyaluronic Acid

CICA RONIC SKIN CARE LINE CICA(Centella asiatica) + RONIC(Hyaluronic acid) = Moisturizing & Regenerating!

1. SNP Exclusive Soothing & Moisturizing ingredient CICARONIC
-Containing SNO exclusive ingredient; Cicaronic for soothing and restoring tired and sensitive skin helps the skin recover stronger and faster!


2. CICA Centella Asiatica -From ancient time, Centella asiatica was well known as medicinal ingredient that prevents skin damage that effectively treat irritated skin -It increases skin collagen production to have anti-inflammatory and immune effects, enough to improve psoriasis that is of chronic inflammatory dermatitis


3. 3 Layer hyaluronic acid -High-molecular hyaluronic acid prevents skin loss from the epidermis, while low-molecular hyaluronic acids maintain flexibility and elasticity of cells and substrates -Layered Hyaluronic acid provide excellent moisture and maintains to keep skin voluminous


4. 3-3-3 Calming Care -HEPTA HERB COMPLEX: strengthens skin barrier -MOIST KEEP 24 COMPLEX: Keep moisture all day long - CARE COMPLEX: Anti-aging with soothing + antioxidation effect