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    SNP Prep Vitaronic Toner Pad 60 Pads 135ml



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    • Description

    1. Golden combination with power vita energy and hyaluronic acid - Green Trifoliate orange fruit that is immature and young and 3 layers of hyaluronic acid provide powerful vita energy to hide blemish by absorbing deep into the skin and awake hidden brightness of the skin.

    2. Transparent & Refreshing water toner - Full of vitamin toner that each pad holds to be absorbed deep into the skin to provide skin vitality and moisturizing.

    3. Mild care for rough skin layer - Lemon extract makes rough skin to be soft and flexible by mildly exfoliating dead skin.


    • How to use

    After washing the face, gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes. It can be used as a substitute for toner every day and finish with skincare after use.


    Vitality Energy that glows beautifully

    More powerful blemish care by young trifoliate orange fruit and hyaluronic acid #Vitamin Transparent #Care for Skin Basis #Goodbye Blemish #Fills Vitality Energy    

    VITA RONIC SKINCARE LINE VITA(Vitamin) + RONIC(Hyaluronic acid) = Power Vita Ingredient # Brightening & Power Moisturizing!

    1. Fresh Vita Energy, Young trifoliate orange fruit
    - Green trifoliate orange fruit extract that retains its fresh young vitality and helps skin brightening.

    2. 3 Layer hyaluronic acid
    - High-molecular hyaluronic acid prevents skin moisture loss. - Small molecule hyaluronic acid maintains cell's flexibility and elasticity.

    3. Skin brightening vitality UP! Vita Synergy raw material
    - Vitamin C: makes dull skin to be brightened
    - Vitamin B5: makes your skin moisturized and healthy
    - Vita-Complex: Plant complex containing Camu Camu extract, Hippophae Rhamoides extract has full of vitamins to deliver a brightening synergy effect.