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    Soakri-Bio Organic ABC Juice 100ml

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    Organic ABC Juice


    All of the good nutrients that benefit the body are contained in one package.


    100% organic ingredients made with no additives

    It is made using only organic apples, carrots, and beets without adding any additives (synthetic preservatives, pigments, flavorings, etc.).



    100% organic ingredients that have passed 320 tests on residual pesticides

    We always make it using organic ingredients that are carefully grown based on freshness and honesty.



    Everyday Juice with lots of Nutrition!

    This is the percentage of recipes that many celebrities enjoy eating among ABC juice recipes.
    It gives you energy and healthy youth that you never tireless every day.



    HOW TO USE: 

    1. The absorption rate of active ingredients is high when consumed on an empty stomach.
    (If your stomach is weak, it is recommended to take it around 30 minutes after meals.)

    2. 3 bags (300ml) per day is appropriate. It is recommended to take about 2 bags
    for the first time and slowly increase the amount. (Recommended for up to 5 bags or less)

    3. It tastes better if you eat it cool. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy it more if you put it in the refrigerator and eat it cool.