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Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Cleansing Oil 200ml

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1. Moisture Balance care of Ullengdo Island's Deep Seawater. The ingredients in pure and highly concentrated minerals of Ulleungdo Island's deep seawater balances the oil and moisture contents of the skin for maximized care.                             2. Neat cleansing of even the fine particulate matter Neatly removes invisible fine particulate matter, waste, and makeup residue to provide clear and moisturizing skincare.   3. Oil cleansing that only latches onto impurities The nature-derived oil emulsifies and turns into a milky white color upon contact with water, removing impurities and helping the skin to retain moisture, even after cleansing.   4. Quick and definite cleansing By compressing the many complicated cleansing steps into one, it helps you with quick and definite cleansing.   5. Nature-derived oil that comforts the skin Meadowfoam Seed Oil + Grape Seed Oil + Evening Primrose Oil + Avocado Oil By using nature-derived oil effective in skin-soothing, it comforts and protects sensitive skin from external environments.  

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The power of a refreshing oil cleansing Fresh cleansing oil that does not leave a heavy or stuffy finish. It will create healthy skin with absolute cleansing that removes even color makeup and sebum


  TEXTURE: Light and fresh daily oil The fresh and light oil that does not leave any residue or oiliness offers daily cleansing of skin that is not fond of oils.