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Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Toner 300ml

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Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Toner_300ml

The sap of Inje's Silver Birch Trees, which are full of cool and fresh energy from the refreshing breeze, and the Vita Hyaluronic Acid ingredient make the skin dewy and healthy by providing moisture to dry skin.

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1. The sap of Silver Birch Trees from Inje, the region of cool and clear hills
Inje is an advantageous village that is home to more than 20 tall,
steep mountains that rise over 800 meters above sea level.
 More than 90% of this highland village's total area consists of forests and fields,
growing Silver Birch Trees and emitting cool and clear energy.

It contains all of the benefits of Inje's Silver Birch Tree Sap, 
offering the cool and fresh energy of a refreshing breeze.

2. Moisture-charge effect that prevents your skin dries out

The Amino Acid of Silver Birch Sap, Mineral ingredients, and
Vita Hyaluronic acid supplies rich moisture to the skin for a dewy finish that is full of vitality.

3. Moisturizing water defense barrier maintains the skin's moisture balance.
 It forms a moisture-packed water defense barrier on the skin
that has become dry due to external environments to maintain
deep hydrating that does not dry out for a long time.

Hydrating ampoule type, that is gently absorbed
 - The concentrated ampoule type that is packed with high amounts of moisture found
in Silver Birch Tree sap and Vita Hyaluronic Acid offers gentle, moisture-charging care.